Historical Facts Of Aerosmith


Early History of Aerosmith depicts several facts and figures about this band which was popularly known in the 1970s, the Band comprised the hard rocks type of music in that times. It sets the record of a heavy metal and instruments hard rock style of music for almost two decades in the region. The style or genre was known as raunchy Bluesy Swagger, this is also constituted a dancing style in line with the rhythm. The band was founded by a group known as the “Boston based quintet” they actually cut across the Rolling stone and the Campy.


The real action started way back in 1970 in Boston, United States when the duo namely; Steve Tyler a vocalist met a guitarist known as Joe Perry. Both were working an organization called Sunapee, NH, Ice Cream Parlor. Originally Tyler was a drummer per excellence, they formed a trio with another talented musician a Bass-is Tom Hamilton. It was just a matter of time before the group enlisted another band member to become quartet, another guitarist was known as Ray Tabano. The band continued from there in great fire as the group also grew in number, other members came in making Tyler a lead singer on a full-time basis. The band eventually relocated to Boston in 1970 where it established itself.

Popularity rise in mid 70s

Mid 70 saw the band becoming very popular as the team escalated its performance; they fused the Power Ballads and the “Dream on”. This was a piano-ballad which was stringed and had distorted guitars, the fusing of both the ballad and Rock “N” Roll type of music made it very popular in the region. But in the start of 80s the band was on a down town since many of its members were plagued by drug addictions, the menace proceeded for a while until the team picked again later to make a comeback. They pulled back to rate high on the local music charts by the late 80s again.

Debut album

The team managed their first album in the 1972, the contract was offered by a recording company known as Columbia Records. During that time they also performed at several clubs and bands between Massachusetts and New York region. The Aerosmith first ever album which is written its name was released on 1973 winter. Their album climbed the music chat reaching number 166; another one was released at around the same period known as “Dream On” which didn’t perform so well. It later became popular in the entire America becoming a very strong band.


The team regrouped again in the 1982 after a period of what looked like dormancy, prior to that they released some albums in between and even participated in The Movie Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Club Band. The band was joined by other new guitarists who were able to spur its performance to great measures. The late 1980 witnessed the band release of greatest hits which literary sold millions of albums, Perry and whitefolds came back in 1984 and they started another tour of the region.

Currently the band is still going on though some earlier members are not present with it, Tyler who is one of the very original founder decided to go solo on own projects. But the band main leader is still Perry who is leading it in various activities and general administration.

The Legacy of Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is known for his legendary guitar skills, during his lifetime he was able to release eighteen albums, and some of these albums have just been unearthed and recycled, and have been produced and released officially in the United States.

Despite being dead for several years now, Jimi Hendrix legacy continues, it is estimated that he will still be able to sell around 3 million albums this year, and more from the publishing of royalties, including that of home-video sales, T-shirt merchandising including other deals.

His fame continues to live on, as proven by the latest star he has received in the Hollywood Walk of fame, along with the release of a four-CD box set named Stages.

Jimi Hendrix and his music

Jimi Hendrix remains to be one of the grooviest rock stars to have ever lived. His music continues to able repackaged more than twenty years after his death and his music is still able to sell for large quantities. This is truly an ironic thing, considering that during his time, despite the successes of his five top-selling albums and the ability to fill in a stadium capacity for concert gigs, Jimi Hendrix was actually having problems with large loan payments to his record company.

Despite being able to gain the attention of thousands of fans all over the world, he was struggling with potentially expensive lawsuits, including that of the trouble of getting ripped off by his manager during that time named Michael Jeffrey.

Hendrix actually lived from hand to mouth; he just survives on cash handouts from his crook manager. Jimi never really bothered about the money, or the account settlements. All that the managers had to do was supply him with whatever he has requested and he would be happy with it.

Hendrix does not really care about the money; he was just solely focused on creating the music, and exploring the capacities of his mind and getting in touch with more spiritual pursuits.

He was quoted saying “I don’t have any value on money at all”, he once told an interviewer. “That’s my only fault, I just get things that I see and want and try to put it into music.”

Although there had been a lot of questionable deals by the people handling the remaining estates and royalties of Jimi Hendrix, this has nothing to do with the impact that Hendrix was able to give to the music community.

Men who helped created the music of Hendrix, may not be satisfied monetarily, but the legacy of Jimi Hendrix is being fulfilled, even in the current time, his music is still reaching people and that is what is important.

A lot of performers and top guitarist and bands nowadays take inspiration from Hendrix.

After seeing him perform in recorded videos in the past, the lives of people are changed especially musicians. He projected a sense of wild, reckless danger that gave him fame, especially when he smashes his guitar at the end, and sets it on fire. He has inspired a lot of artists to be free and express themselves.

The early History of AC/DC

AC/DC with a Whole Lot of Rosie

AC/DC is one of the top hard-rock music bands in history. The band emerged in Australia in the seventies and their simple songs sort of fell on deaf ears of the Americans that were more of rock fans. Angus Young, a knickers-clad guitar showman was renowned for making their audience demand for more due to his skill. It is not a surprise that the band actually tops in the most dependable bands over the years.

Not long after the band’s breakthrough in 1980, Bon Scott died. He was then replaced by Brian Johnson two months later. Four months later Black in Black peaked in number four in the US chart. The “Never Say Die” title and “You Shook Me All Night” proved to be a standard source for acts that ranged from Hip Hop to Country. There have been 22 million copies sold so far thus seeing it become the fifth best-selling album in the US history.

“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” went up to number three. It was a 1981 reissue of the 1976 Australian LP. it was then followed by “For Those About to Rock, We Salute You” which was the group’s first US Number One LP. This was in the late 1981. The “Flick of the Switch” (number 15,1983) and “Fly on the Wall” (number 32,1985), which were a little less spectacular paved way for the multiplatinum ” Who Made Who” and “The Razors Edge” which was number two in the year 1990. The group’s closest thing to a hit chart “Money Talks” (number 23,1991) is contained in the latter.

The first month of 1991 saw three fans being crashed to death in an AC/DC show at the Salt Lake City in Utah. The three deceased teenagers’ families were later paid by the group and undisclosed sum. This was an out-of-court settlement. The concert’s promoter. the company in charge of security and the convention center were among the other parties that were involved in the settlement.

It was not until 1995 that Rick Rubin produced “Ballbreaker” which entered the charts and stood at number four. This also saw the return of Phil Rudd. “Bonfire” was released in 1997 and it contained live tracks that were recorded in the years 1977 and 1979. In addition there was the remastered version of the “Black in Black”. This was the very first time that AC/DC had produced a material that featured Bon Scott since the time he passed away.

George Young was back on board as a producer and saw “Stiff Upper Lip” (number 7,2000) confirm the AC/DC’s status as being in the list of the most enduring and popular hard rock band on planet earth. By wisely sticking to its formula that had been tested by time, the band followed the release of the record with very extensive tours. All through this tours, Angus Young wore a schoolboy’s uniform.

The band returned with “Black Ice” with their signature stubbornly unaltered. This album got into record as the first to ever hit number one since 1981 in the US. It was exclusively sold through Wall-Mart and 784,000 unit were moved. It is in this year that the Recording Industry association of America thus declared AC/DC as the ninth best selling artist in the Us ever. Even after more than three and a half decades later this band has no signs of letting up.

Sound Man by Glyn Johns

Sound Board

Glyn Johns was only sixteen years of age when rock and roll came into being. It was ‘Children of the Future’, however, that marked his entry into limelight, a debut album by Steve Miller that he produced. He proceeded to produce or engineer iconic albums for big names within the industry, including the Beatles’ Abbey Road along with debuts of Led Zeppelin and the Eagles. Johns remained entirely sober whenever he was on studio and is his personal account of these stories is thus considered to be among the most clear-eyed and reliable.

Sound Man by Glyn Johns is an observant and entertaining memoir, in which the author takes readers on tour of his hectic world during the heady sixties’ years. It features beguiling stories to the delight of music fans from across the globe. He recalls his supporting role in securing release from jail of Steve Miller Band, shortly following arrival in London. The sound producer recounts the experience at JFK of bumping into Bob Dylan and his request for them to collaborate on an album. Johns indeed was present at the time when rock shocked the world and he captures these experiences in fine detail within this book. The first ever tour of Europe by the Rolling Stones features prominently in Sound Man, alongside the appearance at London’s Albert Hall of Jimmi Hendrix. This reminiscence includes final performance by the Beatles atop the roof of their recording studio, Savile Row.

Glyn Johns has enjoyed a prolific and fairly protracted career thus far, working over the past two decades with Crosby, Emmylou Harris, Stills & Nash, Band of Horses, Linda Ronstadt and very recently Ryan Adams. His autobiography, Sound Man, offers firsthand glimpse into music-making art. It reveals how the industry, just as musicians themselves has undergone changes since the freewheeling early years when rock and rock took center stage.

That said the book has some letdowns. Johns opts to dish out information in bits, employing a summary approach on different interesting portions of his personal story. Even though he mentions all the artists of his day, he falls short of providing a number of important details as expected. It seems that he skimps through his discography somewhat in straightforward manner. Mentioning the where and when of recording, the author remains fairly complimenting of his comrades, but fails to evoke the reader’s emotion during events of the day.

Fair enough, Sound Man by Glyn Johns does strike as an enjoyable read. His description of the early days is quite intriguing. One certainly gets captivated by the story of how the author fell lucky during his first ever gig on studio. He expresses gratitude for all that has taken place following that experience, which probably is just one of the many reasons he appears so guarded on information. The engineer/producer is represented well at the top of musical listings and is renowned for providing clean and no-frills sound. His sounds offer a true-to-life experience when played indoors or wherever they are heard. Publishing an autobiography should consequently strike some sparks in the hearts of music enthusiasts and critics alike.

My Life In And Out Of Aerosmith

Joe Perry

Rocks: My Life In And Out Of Aerosmith is an autobiographic book in regards to famous artist, and lead guitarist of Aerosmith Joe Perry who is ranked the 84th greatest guitar player of all time according to the Rolling Stone Magazine. He wrote this book mainly to show his perspective about the rock band since he personally disagreed with many of the statements made by Aerosmith’s vocalist Steven Tyler in the Tyler’s autobiography which was written on 2011.

Perry’s autobiography which was released on October 2014, goes beyond the story of the band. Perry talks about how we quit high school because having long hair wasn’t allowed by the school authorities at the time. How he met Steven Tyler and decided to form a Rock band among many of the other engaging stories that are written in this book.

The book in itself is very complete. The almost 500 pages start unexpectedly from Joe Perry’s gestational period in his mother’s womb including his introduction to sound during that stage of his life. Then he goes on to details about his birth, the beginning and sudden success of Aerosmith, the break up and his solo project to then go telling their subsequent rock band reunions which he calls their rise and fall and rise again. Finally, it ends up with his latest years and the hard things he had to endure in afterwards. The book has had a broad acceptance among critics and readings alike and it is highly likely that it will make it to one of the most acclaimed rock autobiographic titles due to its classic biographic style with engaging and complete content.

Aerosmith first came into existence in 1970 and although there has been a few breakups, they are still together to this day. It took more than 15 years for Aerosmith to make their first real and huge leap of fame after working together in the “Walk this way Talk this way” song with Run DMC on 1986. Afterwards, Aerosmith has composed and played classic songs such as Dream On, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Janie’s Got a Gun, Sweet Emotion, etc. Unlike most bands, Aerosmith has resisted the test of time even in the face of strong differences between Joe Perry and Steven Tyler who has declared that he suffers from the Lead Singer Disease. Joe Perry is an interesting individual whose persistence has paid off and as an interesting life fact, he has stayed married with his wife for the last 32 years which is not the normal behavior displayed by rock artists, particularly those of his height. The whole of the life of iconic rock legend, Joe Perry, is detailed by himself in an stylishly crafted manner in Rocks: My Life In And Out Of Aerosmith.

Rocks: My Life In And Out Of Aerosmith was co-written by David Ritz, an American author who has been the only one to win the Gleason Music Book Award four times and has co-authored other autobiographies of famous musicians such as Ray Charles and Rick James among others.

One And Only Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

It is the title of the well crafted autobiography written a renowned British Musician and a cool member of the famous rock band called Led Zeppelin. The autobiography was published in 2010 under the supervision of Genesis Publication. When the book was published the author was sixty six years old. At that time, twenty five thousand copies of the book were initially published and personally signed by Jimmy Page. The book consists of five hundred and twelve pages and it has almost seven hundred images that have been printed on a fine art paper to give the book a different feel and style.

The photographic autobiography with visual aids to better reveal the events of his career have certainly added colors to this book. He has been one of the most iconic and renowned guitar players in the world. Jimmy has very carefully managed to go through huge number of prints to compile the full and final collection of photographs that have helped him arrange the original content into a narrative form. He also formulated a precious design for the book to make it better looking.
Page selected the best photographs revealing the most important and auspicious moments of his career that ranged from his schooldays to his efforts to become a session musician; from the hard work with the Yardbirds to Led Zeppelin, The Firm, ARMS, Outrider, Page & Plant, performance with Roy Harper and collaboration with P. Diddy . Through his own genius and help of the Genesis publications, the author has put together hundreds of valuable photos to present a detail and explanatory narrative of visual type about his music career. The photographs include greatest n names belonging to rock photography like Kate Simon, Neal Preston, Pennie Smith, Jim Marshall, Ross Halfin and Gered Mankowitz.

The manuscript put forward by the author is actually an expansive edition of his career. His details and words have been presented in the form of captions that preserve critical moments and events of his life. Not only has this but he also added visas, stamps, photos collected from his very own passport to add better details. This book has become a historical masterpiece due to his own words coupled with hand-picked photo selection. The remarkable musical journey of the artist has been beautifully put forward by himself. It’s nothing more than the story of a kid who was literally involved deeply with music and music also embodied itself in him. It’s a combined tale of music, a teenager who has passion for music and how his life gets affected by his passion.

This book is worth the price it comes with. It is basically a handcrafted masterpiece of art. Some people feel that the rock star’s book is highly unaffordable but the author defended this query by adoring the quality offered by the Genesis publications and their bookbinding. It is definitely a pictorial record compilation of the life of a superstar artist where readers can have a chance to see behind the world of music and let the pictures speak for themselves as the language of music does.

Anger Is An Energy: My Life Uncensored

Punk Boots

The world better knows him as Johnny Rotten; the front man of Sex Pistols. The book, Anger Is An Energy: My Life Uncensored recaps the life of John Lydon from his childhood as a sickly child of the immigrant Irish parents to vibrant pop star hero. His miraculous life is one full of inspiration and controversies as he fought his way to the popular music game changer he was later known to be.

1976 marked the transition when the pop band, Sex Pistols, released its first album. Their greatest hits, ‘Anarchy in the UK and ‘God save the Queen’ ushered them into a revolutionary world full of criticism and endless endeavors. Through his music, John Lydon led a young generation all over the world; yearning for change. Nearly a third of the book is about his career at Sex Pistols. After disintegration of the first band, Johnny Rotten joined Public Image Ltd (PiL). He didn’t leave behind his aggressiveness and consistent need of reinventing himself. With such a personality, the new band was headed for greater heights. Right from the beginning, he set the ground breaking templates for the band that would enable it have its place even in the 21st century. As a vibrant artiste, he didn’t limit himself to the band but instead found his way into great deals with Afrika Baambata and Letfield. With these, he made innovative dance records that took his International fans worldwide by a huge storm.

Anger Is An Energy: My Life Uncensored – Johnny Rotten brings out a unique personality of this music icon. He wasn’t someone who would stand intimidation after knowing his worth and the experience with producer Bill Laswell who handled the ninth album at Public Image Limited clearly illustrates this. ’After a couple of days in their studio he said the band couldn’t play and he hated all our songs. He said he’d written songs and I should sack everyone and use his people, and come out with a U2-type product. I told him to fuck off and we packed our bags and left.” In this book, he also tries to bring into the limelight some of the renowned personalities he had admiration and affection for. The likes of Pete Townshend and Robert Plant are passionately described in the thrilling novel as the author tries to bring out the admirable qualities in them.

In 1997, John took a different turn into other media following the release of a solo record in 1997. The Rotten TV show, one of his productions, received an overwhelming audience during its times. As a contestant in ‘I’m a celebrity…Get me out of here!’ he brought drama and outrage in the house. His venture into other media didn’t halt there as he made further appearances in Megabugs series and even a one off nature documentary. He even featured in popular Television advertisement for Country Life butter, a move that made him even more outspoken. As a musician and cultural commentator, John Lydon has remained an icon and inspirational source to many. No doubts, he is a hero across the continents, especially to the younger generation.

The History of Rock Music

History of Rock Music

Rock music evolved from rock and roll in the nineteen fifties in united state of America. It later developed into diverse variety of styles in the nineteen sixties most particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom. Rock music has a profound influence from country music, blues and the rhythm. It has as well being influenced by other genres like folk, blues, and has integrated influences from classical music, jazz and other different music sources.

When it comes to the instruments used it centers on the electric bass guitar and drums. Normally rock music is usually with a 4/4 time signature by means of a verse chorus form but now it has grown to be tremendously diverse. Rock music lyrics stress mostly on romantic love as well as themes that range from social to political issues and others bizarre topic. It was dominated by white male musicians who are mostly are the key factors that shaped it.

Nowadays it both inhabited by both the male and female. It put a more elevated emphasis on live performance musicianship and has a lot of genuineness compared to pop music. By the late nineteen sixties, the period that term rock then as classic rock, a number of rock sub genres emerged. They included hybrids like jazz rock fusion, folk rock, blues-rock and country rock. Many of these sub genres led to the development of psychedelic rock highly influenced by the counterculture psychedelic scene. The genres that emerged from these include progressive rock (usually extended artist elements), glam rock (showed the visual styles and showmanship), heavy metal (which focused on speed, volume and power).

Punk rock intensified and reacted in opposition to some of these treads to bring into being a raw energetic form of music. This was in the second half of the nineteen seventies. It was characterized by overt social and political critiques. In the nineteen eighties punk was a heavy influence on other sub genres that included post rock, new wave and ultimately alternative rock movement.

Alternative rock music broke through the main stream in the nineteen nineties. It has dominated the rock music in the form of indie rock, Britpop, grunge. Other sub genres that emerge include rap mental, rap rock and pop punk. There was also intentional attempt to revisit rock history this included synthpop and garage rock revivals at the start of the millennium.

Rock music has served as the instrument for social and cultural movements. This has lead to main sub cultures that consist of rockers and mods in the United Kingdom and hippie a counterculture in the nineteen sixties. This spread out from San Francisco in united state. Similarly visually distinguishing emo and goth subcultures spawned from the punk cultures. Rock music holding on to its folk tradition of ‘protest song’. It is associated with political activism as well as changes in the social perception toward drug, use sex, and race. It is represent the youth face of revolt and rebellion against adult rule and conformity and it has a large crowd of followers.

Early History of Guns n’ Roses

Early Guns n Roses

They were young misfits in their early twenties who happened to come together in Los Angeles and form one of the most famous rock bands in history.Steve Adler,Michael Andrew,Dareen Arthur,William Axi Rose,Saul Hudson,Matt Sollum and Jeff Isbell aka Izzy are members of the group we know as Guns and Roses.Ozzy Osbourne called them “the next Rolling Stones,” Q Magazine listed the band among the “top 50 bands to see before you die” and Steve Lukather even called them “the Keith Richards of our generation.”


The early history of Guns n Roses can be traced back to 1985 when the group was formed by Axi Rose,Izzy Stradlin,Tracii Guns,Ole Beich and Rob Garner of L.A Guns.The unique name came from the combination two names from previous groups the members belonged to namely Hollywood Rose and L.A Guns.Beich was shortly replaced by Duff Mckagan while Tracii Guns was replaced by Slash Gardner who later quit and was replaced by Steve Adler.Their first tour called Hell Tour earned them the fame they wanted.They also played at major clubs in Hollywood like the Troubadour and The Roxy.


In 1986 they signed with Geffen Records where they received $75,000 cash advance and went on to release Appetite for Destruction in 1987 which is known for signature songs like “welcome to the jungle” “sweet child o mine” and “Paradise City”.It is this album that gave them chance to share a stage with well known personalities like Aerosmith,Kiss,Judas Priest and Iron Maiden at the Monsters of Rock Festival in 1988.Appetitie for Destruction became the most successful hard rock album in history being on the Billboard 100 for three years.

G N R Lies album came out in 1988 but it aroused alot of critisicm especially the song “one in a million” that had controversial words like niggers and fargots.Rose however defended the group claiming that these words were not offensive and that they were simply words to describe somebody.

Use your Illusion was released in 1991.After a successful album launch the group went on a 28 month long tour to promote their albums.These tours were always controversial for there were many riot incidents and physical fights Other albums they released include The Spaghetti Incident in 1993 and Chinese Democracy in 2008.

Controversies and Upsets

The group always seemed to attract some trouble especially during live concerts and tours.In fact they were marked “the most dangerous band in the world” because riots were common when they were around.The group would also show up late for shows, a welcome platform for critics.Drug addiction especially heroine use was another hurdle members of the group had to deal withh.Rose, the lead singer was on numerous times paying compensation to people he had gotten into physical brawls with.
Today the band though without its former members continues to perform in people filled areas.Original members like Duff and Stradlin are welcomed on the stage from time to time.

Other awards won by the group include;
MTV Video Music Award-Artist to watch
World Music Award-Best selling hard-rock artist of the year.
World Music Award-Best group
American Music Award-favorite pop/rock single
American Music Award-favorite hard metal/hard-rock artist

Fifty Years Of The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones is a book about a rock band which was formed in 1962. The book, which was published in 2012 focuses on the life of the band members. it exposes the hidden life of the band. Members who formed the group are Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, Charlie watts and Ian Stewart. New members have been left the group or died, and have been replaced by new ones. This band is the most popular band in the world. This is after over two thousand tours and concerts around the world.

Rolling Stones on Stage

For Standford to give accurate occurrence of the drama which happened at the core of the Rolling Stones, he carried out interviews with the band members. He also went ahead and interviewed their family members and the group’s fans. He also examined their FBI files which remain unreleased.

Before the formation of the Rolling Stones, Jagger was a bright young man who was planning a career in the civil service. Richards on the other hand was learning how to smoke.

In the 1960 and 1970s the group was being admired for their creativity and a salacious lifestyle. They were never expected to reach their thirties. They are now comfortably in their seventies. This makes them not only the most controversial band but also the longest serving one. This book focuses on the clever innovation. It also exposes opportunism of talent, good fortune sex and self-seductiveness that made the stone who they are.

They started by performing in small tours of Northern America and United Kingdom. They played in both small and medium sized venues. Their audiences was composed of screaming girls. They preferred rotating between North America, Europe and the United Kingdom. Their audience kept growing both in number and density. They started performing in big arenas.

Christopher Sandford’s book is about this group. He followed them through fifty years. He brings out a clear image of how the group members found themselves captives of the world they thought they would change with their demand for satisfaction, and their blasting amps.

Their main idea was to bring about a change in the world. They wanted to transform the entire world. Jagger for instance claimed to have a chemical which would blow up the world while he was a young boy. Marianne Faithful also commented that she wished to see the fall of humanity. The stone was however a group of middle class young people with no intention of bringing any change to the world.

The stone succeeded in stirring riots. They successfully stirred up the riot at Altamont outside San Francisco in 1969.

At first the stone boasted of sponsoring classless Britain. They bought their country estates from aristocrats.
The book’s recurring motif is the rivalry between Richards and Jagger. They unique sound of the stone may be from the collaboration of their music style. Standford clearly sympathizes how Richards emerges glorious while Jagger shrink-ed to a satyr.

Christopher Stanford has also published various biographies, they include that of Kurt Cobain Steve McQueen,Eric Clapton among others

Rolling Stones Lips