The Heroin Diaries by Rock Star Nikki Sixx

Nikki six was named as Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna, Jr at birth on 11th December 1958. He however took to his alias name to suit his music career as the founder of the rock band called Mötley Crűe. In the band cofounded with Tommy Lee in 1981, Sixx was the bassist. He has since then been a rock star and has undergone several phases so as to reach where he is now, co-authoring the book ‘The Heroine Diaries’ with Ian Gittins.

The Heroin Diaries

This is a book composed of 413 pages entailing the happenings in the life of Nikki Six between Christmas 1986 and Christmas 1987. It is the period when the band recorded the album ‘Girls Girls Girls; and the subsequent ‘Girls Girls Girls’ tour which ended with Sixx being announced as legally dead after he was found in a closet lying after heroine overdose.

Sixx’s life in the 1980s was characterized by drugs, music, sex and more drugs. The success of his band at the time gave him the means to pursue the addiction he had for many types of drugs. He could get high on anything and anywhere. With his friends, lovers and even alone, he liked getting high and he was constantly high almost all the time.

The book is actually published about diary entries of Nikki Sixx’s life for a year. It was during this time that he was deepest into drugs especially heroin and cocaine. These diary entries are accompanied by commentaries of those who were around him at that time and his own. It mainly revolves around the life of the band, the shows performed, practice sessions and his girlfriend at that time as well as multiple sexual encounters. Basically it is about the life of a typical rock star during that era most of which centered on drugs.

From the diary entries, the drugs had both highs and lows but the lows were much extremer than any highs ever got. At times coke and heroin made him feel some euphoric joy but many at times he ended up in his closet with paranoid delusions, thanks to the drug use. The diary excerpts themselves show what the drug could do to him. Some are poetic, others vague and others blatantly bizarre depending on the state he was in writing the excerpt. But all in all they serve to drive the point home that drugs cannot do you any good and they may land you into some serious trouble. The Heroin Diaries, which has an album by Sixx’s band as a musical accompaniment, is an honestly written book with the aim of educating all people that living a drug abusive life will only get you down the drains.

The book was first published in 2007 by Pocket Books where it began as the number 7 New York Bestsellers listing. Since then it has been sold out in several stores and is loved by many, more so those who fancy the world of rock artists and behind the scene activities of musical tours. The book has taught a valuable lesson to many thanks to Nikki Sixx who continues to speak loudly on his downfall. Currently, he is working on producing a Broadway film based on The Heroin Diaries. He is a proud husband and father of four.

An insight into the Autobiography of Slash

Most biographies of rock stars have one thing in common – they all tell us a story of their unhappy childhood and their rise to the top. Of course, there is a lot of struggle and a revelation of their true power and inner strength. Depravity, addiction, and debauchery are a few other elements that are also common in most of these books.

Slash on Lead Guitar

So is Slash Autobiography any different from other rock biographies? It is similar to other biographies because it talks about the early years of the star in England and how his life changed after he moved to Los Angeles. The biography gives details of the difficulties he had to face in his early years and how he went on to become the lead guitarist of Velvet Revolver and Guns N’ Roses.

Slash was born as Saul Hudson in 1965. His father was a British graphic artist while his mother was an American costume designer. When he shifted to Los Angeles in 1970s, he started hanging out with David Geffen and Joni Mitchell. After the divorce of his parents, his mother dated British musician David Bowie, who taught Saul the basics of being a rock star.

Slash teenage years were spent on street of Hollywood on unproductive activities like shoplifting and BMX racing. However, he’s discovered his love for guitar and joined a gang of street rats. This gang would go on to become the one of the greatest rock bands of its time – Guns N’ Roses. This rock band brought back danger and dirt of the old school at a time when most bands were becoming MTV-friendly. In the book, Slash does not talk much about the making of the monster album “Appetite for Destruction”. However, he does talk a lot about his appetite for drugs, sex, and booze.

Slash also talks about how his group specialized in self-inflicted debacles when they were not being transcendent. Money and fame were adversely affecting the group and they soon developed alcohol and heroin dependence.

In this book, Slash avoids talking about Axl Rose, who took control over the band’s name only to disappear after a few years. He does not give any insight into this character, but he says that he’s super intelligent. He believes that it is difficult to understand what was going on with Axl Rose. Slash is also diplomatic when he talks about the homophobic and racist slurs used by Rose in his album “One in Million”.

When you read the book, Slash has written with Anthony Bozza, you will find that Slash is not a bad guy, but he has a strong appetite for getting into trouble. He is humorous and does not mind joking even when he is talking about a serious problem in his life.

The book is an interesting personal account of the life, struggles, and triumphs of the lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses. It talks about how he used drugs, alcohol, and women to escape the realities of life. Slash is a survivor who battled his demons to find his creative evolution.

Extraterrestrial Friends of a Lonely Astronaut on Christmas Eve

The Lonely Astronaut on Christmas Eve

The Lonely Astronaut on Christmas Eve is a great children’s book written by Tom DeLounge from Blink-182. The book highlights the tale of a rocketeer who finds himself alone in the moon. It is set on a cold Christmas night and the character is in a situation that no body can easily explain. He however receives gifts from some extraterrestrial beings who he calls friends. This happening makes his Christmas season a somehow enjoying moment. This book is a great wistful story that has been creatively written for kids as well as the young at heart and those who fancy children story books. It is a great book that has unique settings, plot and characters who are very pre- occupied in a world where they are able to showcase much of their differences through unique instances. Tom DeLounge dedicated this book to his wonderful children Ava and Jonas.

This book has been illustrated by Mike Henry through a mission to inform, educate and entertain readers about different instances that happen in the setting and the theme. Events happen in a chronological order and we can only imagine the ingenuity the writer employs to captivate our attention. The Lonely Astronaut on Christmas Eve enthrals even those who are not much into reading books due to its high class literary skills that have been employed to motivate readers.

It is described as a favourite kids bed time stories by book reviewers who give it an upper hand as a book befit for children as well as people who have a divine connection with their childhood memories. It sets apart the stage where you are able to remind yourself of the times gone by and it is a good book to read if you work in a profession that involves meeting children and you have to narrate some great tale stories and make fun with them in a positive way.

Tom DeLounge employ a lot of skills in his books, but in this one, he did more than enough. It is creatively written. A look at its reviews indicates that every body is happy with the writer due to his mastery of language and the use of clearly elaborated scenes to create a mental image in readers mind. The rocketeer goes through a series of situations up the moon and his interaction with strange extraterrestrial friends even spices the book more as we get to understand his life in a unique environment.Events unfold in the most dramatic of ways as we get captivated by the happenings and life of this lonely Astronaut on a Christmas Eve. This is a good book that we recommend that you buy for your child. Get a copy and let them read about the life of imaginary scenes and settings of an Astronaut who is involved with different activities at a time when families get together and prepare to usher in the Christmas season with a lot of house parties and many events to rock the occasion. You will be captivated and fascinated by this book and reading it once is never enough; you can always go through it over and over again.

Metallica: Enter Night -The Biography

Metallica Rocking

Enter the Night is a biography of Metallica band by author Mick Wall who has been described as among England’s most famous music journalists. Wall’s work has appeared in Mojo, the London Times and Classic Rock among other publications. His books include 11 rock n’ roll biographies. Wall lives in England.

About Metallica, the band

Metallica’s roots lay in the heavy rock of the 70s groups such as Deep Blue. Their music they played, that of heavy metal which was mixed with punk attitude rose to become its own genre: thrash. The band’s bassist perished but they survived, becoming globally the biggest-selling band. They reinvented themselves as grunge threatened to overtake them. Their singer later went to rehab, and they nearly fell apart. Metallica is the 5th-largest selling artist of all time. The group’s has over 100,000 million records globally. Their brand of music has reach beyond metal and rock, making foray into pop mainstream as they moved from speed metal to MTV, with their single “Enter Sandman.”

About Enter the Night, the biography

Till now, there has never been an authoritative, in-depth and critical portrait of this band. Wall’s insightful and thoroughly researched work is enhanced by interviews with band members, roadies, record company executives and fellow musicians. Mick Wall narrates the story of how Lars Ulrich, a music-loving and tennis-playing Danish immigrant joined hands and created a band with fellow singer James Hetfield. This made his dreams to become a reality. The book follows this band through triumph and tragedy, from the bus crash which killed their bassist, Cliff Burton in the year 1986, to the 2004 documentary called Some Kind of a Monster and on to their present position as the leaders of Big Four festival which played to some one million fans in Europe and Britain, and continues in the USA in the year 2011.

Every chapter of the book is introduced by Mick Wall’s personal reminisces of the band. A number of introductions are more humorous and revealing than others. However, all give the chapters an excellent bit of personalization. One characteristic of Wall’s writing that’s normally outstanding is that he manages to discuss music and some decisions from a journalistic outlook without losing the weight of what he stands for. Enter the Night explores different incarnations of Metallica, and the traits or personalities of all the major members, past and present-particularly Hetfield and Ulrich. It produces the final and definitive word on the biggest band that has ever graced the planet.

Wall’s job as a journalist is through getting into the minds of these famous musicians, and as a writer, he finds some means to unleash his fury while making the reader love some albums even more, and standing from a detached position tries to understand different perspectives and detours. Enter the Night is the most compelling and strongest Metallica biography to date. It is a narrative from the vivid chaos of nearly losing themselves earlier in their music career to the inner contentment later. This story shows why Metallica has maintained and possibly will remain ahead of the pack. This is a book which hails not only their legacy, but also their development as individuals.

Three Decades in the Limelight, Addiction and Sobriety – It’s So Easy

In its keen attention to and elaboration of exclusive details of his personal life and behind-the-scene stories, its reliance on contrasts between darkness and light – nearly fatal level of self-deception and epiphanies, its construction as a series of scenes depicting life happening in a flash and its unabashed celebration of excess and consumption, Duff McKagan’s autobiography is an artefact of and and exemplary text for understanding all the elements – “sex, drugs, rock and roll, fame, fortune and fall” associated with being a world-famous rock star.

Duff McKagan on Bass Guitar

“It’s So Easy (and other lies): The Autobiography” by Duff McKagan is a powerfully personal, bluntly honest, brilliantly written and visually evocative memoir of a former school drop-out who later achieved fame as the bass guitar player of Guns N Roses, one of the best-selling hard rock bands of all time and in 2012 was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Guns N’ Roses. This much-anticipated and enticing eight-part autobiography written in 2010 immerses readers into the rich life experiences of a legendary rock star, centered on his lifelong passion for music and with an emphasis on his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction ( he was nicknamed Duff “The King of Beer” McKagan), his subsequent sobriety attributed to his near-death experience due to alcohol-induced pancreatitis, family life and touring on the world s biggest stages. In his own words, ”these are my stories, my perspectives, my truth”.

Starting from the second chapter of the first part of the book, “Knockin On Heaven’s Door” his life story unfolds in chronological order. Growing up in a large family with seven brothers and sisters, his childhood was marked by the McKagan “Family Hold Back” as well as lessons of thrift and frugality. Duff recalls the backpacking trips with his father up in the Alpine Lakes region but recognises that he would become ”enraged” when he saw pain in the eyes of his mother, whom he considered a saint. The unhappy marriage of his parents determined him to seek solace in drugs and alcohol (he started smoking pot when he was in the forth grade, drinking alcohol in the fifth grade and tasted LSD, coke and mushrooms for the first time when he was in the sixth grade) and then got into music, influenced primarily by Prince.

Duff witnessed his first overdose at the age of 18 and used to keep a bottle of vodka (later replaced with wine) next to his bed. At the height of his alcohol addiction, he experienced delirium tremens and his body was falling apart. On May 10th, 1994 he was hospitalised due to excruciating pain in his intestines; in his own words: “I wanted to die”. His pancreas had ruptured, causing third-degree burns inside his abdominal cavity. He begged the doctor over and over to put him out of his misery – “just kill me, kill me, please”. This near-death episode forced him to choose sobriety, which he achieved with the aid of mountain biking, meditation techniques and later martial arts. Ironically entitled “it’s So Easy”, this autobiography is an intoxicating and blatantly sincere rock memoir.

Born on February 5th, 1974 in Seattle, Washington, Michael “Duff” McKagan is a successful musician, record producer, songwriter, author, entrepreneur and investment advisor. In 1999, the iconic bassist married his third wife, swimsuit designer, model and TV personality Susan “The Body” Holmes; the couple has two daughters and live in Seattle. In the early 2000s he decided to continue his education and attended the Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University. He is the founder of “Meridian Rock”, a wealth management company based in Seattle.

I Am Ozzy

Ozzy Osbourne on Stage

John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne is a famous vocalist generally sings English heavy metal songs as well as a songwriter and a television personality. Osbourne rose to eminence during early 1970 when he featured in the band Black Sabbath as their lead vocalist. It is said by a number of people that the heavy metals sung by Ozzy in that band are the reason of the development of the heavy metal genre. This is why Ozzy is honoured by the title of “Godfather of Heavy Metal”. After leaving the band Black Sabbath in the year of 1979, Ozzy continued his singing career as a solo singer. He have had recorded 11 studio albums of all hard rock songs, out of which the initial 7 albums were awarded as multi-platinum certification in United States.


In spite of being such a great personality, Ozzy had passed through a number of controversies as well. Throughout his singing career, Ozzy was continuously been accused by the Christian groups as he put negative impacts on the teenagers because he had claimed that rock music glorifies Satanism. In 1981 according to the CBS records, it is mentioned that Ozzy has bit the head of a dove. Allegedly he was about to release the dove to show the sign of peace to his viewers, but due to some reason he killed the dove. Again, at another concert or show it was seen that Osbourne had beat off the head of a bat, where he clarified that he thought it was a rubber.

The fifth track song “Suicide Solution” of his album ‘Blizzard of Oz’ led a teenager John McCollum to commit suicide in the year of 1984. The lyrics of the song narrates that there is no other option to hide, instead of attempting suicide. The song dealt with all the adverse effects of alcohol abuse. It was charged by the parents of young McCollum to Osbourne that he promoted suicide in his song which led to death of their son.

Memoir of Ozzy

After being passed through all of these controversies, Osbourne decided to write an autobiography through which he can express his feelings and emotional conditions to the world. “I Am Ozzy” is the autobiography of John Michael Osbourne. In the book he featured his own way of thinking about the world, his life story, family background, how he evolved as a rock person, how he gained fame as a musician and of course about all the controversies he had passed through throughout his life.

I Am Ozzy” has been widely accepted by the readers and has become one of the New York Times Bestsellers. Since Osbourne was suffering from dyslexia while writing his autobiography, the famous author and journalist Chris Ayres also penned this book. This 416 paged book currently holds a rating of 4.6 out of 5 in This book is also available as ebook in pdf format at different websites. Audio format of the book is also accessible which was read by Frank Skinner. Osbourne was rewarded as “Literary Achievement” for the honour of his memoir at the Guys Choice Awards in the year of 2010.

White Line Fever: Lemmy – The Autobiography

Lemmy was born on 24th of December 1945 and is one of the best English rock musicians. Throughout the years he had tried everything but what he is most popular and known by is begin a lead vocalist, principal songwriter, bassist and the founder of the heavy metal band Motörhead. He is also a former member of Hawkwind. What made him a cult icon is his appearance, even the facial moles and the friendly chops and of course his wonderful gravelly voice.

Lemmy from Motorhead

In his life he had a lot of different experiences and he decided to put all that in an autobiographical book for everyone to experience and see how it is to be “Lemmy”. You will be reading all about his experience with women, alcohol and drugs. Most importantly, it is happening through his music success.

There is a documentary that is called Motörhead: Live Fast, Die Old which was broadcasted on August 22, 2005. In the documentary, it was claimed that Lemmy has bedded more than 2 000 women. However, soon after that, Lemmy explained that he didn’t stated that there were 2 000 women but more than 1 000. So, according to these numbers, Lemmy is number 8 of the top list for “Living Sex Legends”. In the book you will learn the right number; there won’t be any wrong saying.

Also, Lemmy is known for his love for alcohol and his lifelong intake. Since he was 30 years old, he drinks a bottle of Jack Daniel’s each day. But, in 2013, Lemmy stop drinking because of health reasons.

Not just drinking a lot of alcohol, Lammy have also developed an appetite from LSD an amphetamines when he was with the Hawkwind.

After so many years of notorious excess, if another human would have that would probably kill him, and the most oversexed and heaviest drinking person is a legend in the music business.

Lemmy was born on Christmas Eve, and learning from young he learned that girls do love a guy that has a guitar. He was inspired by the music of Buffy Holly and Elvis, he outgrows the local bands and he has chosen to go to Manchester and to have a great experience each day. From the day, he arrived in Manchester he never looked back.

In his book, White Line Fever: Lemmy – The Autobiography, you will be able to see his every step to success and also how he tripped in the beginning of his career touring with Jimi Hendrix, and as a member of Hawkwind and Opal Butterflies. He continued to create a speed metal in the 1975, so he formed the legendary band Motörhead.

During 27 years history with Motörhead, they released 21 albums and it has been nominated for Grammy Awards. He took the rock world for himself with the creation of the songs like, “Overkill””Ace of Spades” and “Bomber”.

White Line Fever, the book will tour you to the excesses and the success of a person that has been devoted to his pleasures and music. It offers something outrageous and even sometimes hilarious, but always highly entertaining. Reading the book will take you on the ride with the front man of one of the loudest rock bands in the world.